Natrite (synthetic) Raman spectrum

Natrite (synthetic) Raman spectrum and its interpretation are presented below.

Natrite (synthetic) sample data

Description: Natrite (synthetic) mineral sample
Mineral: Natrite (synthetic)
Ideal chemistry: Na2CO3
Source: Grigore Cobălcescu Museum
Owner: Department of Geology – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Natrite (synthetic) sample image

Raman spectrum of Natrite (synthetic)

Main Raman bands of Natrite (synthetic)

Wavenumbers (cm-1): 1080vs

Raman parameters

Instrument settings: Raman spectrograph HE 532nm (Horiba Jobin-Yvon)
Spectral resolution: 2 cm-1
Conditions of measurement: at room temperature

Interpretation of Raman spectrum of Natrite (synthetic)

For natrite, the most intense Raman band, corresponding to the ν1 symmetric stretching vibration of the carbonate group, is at 1080 cm-1.

The 1429 cm-1 peak corresponds to the ν3 normal mode and line of 702 cm-1 is attributed to the ν4 symmetric bending mode. The Raman spectrum of Na2CO3 shows only one line of lattice mode, at 290 cm-1.

Buzgar et al., 20091 Beny, 1988 Assignment
290 111, 131, 149, 171, 189 T(Na,CO3)
702 701 ν4 symmetric deformation
ν2 asymmetric deformation
1080 1069
ν1 symmetric stretching
1429 1421
ν3 symmetric deformation

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