Raman Spectroscopy quotes

  • When he was offered a toast during the Nobel function being a strict abstains completely from alcoholic beverages he responded: Sir, you have seen the Raman effect on alcohol; please do not try to see the alcohol effect on Raman.
  • Raman was a great lover of music. He used to say: I should live long, because I have not heard all the music I want to hear.
  • A journalist once asked him: What do you feel about the long and eventful period of your scientific work and achievements? Raman replied promptly: I have no time to think of the past and I am not inclined to do so. I spend my life as a scientist. My work gives me satisfaction.
  • A few days before his 83 birthday Raman suffered a mild heart attack. But there was quick recovery. He never dreamt of a life without work. He had told his doctor: I wish to live a hundred- per-cent active and fruitful life.
  • Once he was persistently asked about to comment on God. He was not replying. But after sometimes, he got irritated and told him: if God is there find him in the Universe with a telescope and don’t waste your time in speculation!