Aragonite Raman spectrum

The Aragonite Raman spectrum and its interpretation are presented below.

Aragonite sample data

Description: Aragonite mineral sample
Mineral: Aragonite
Ideal chemistry: CaCO3
Source: Grigore Cobălcescu Museum
Locality: Mexic
Owner: Department of Geology – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Aragonite sample image

Aragonite Raman spectrum

Raman spectrum of Aragonite

Main Raman bands of Aragonite

Wavenumbers (cm-1): 1083vs, 701w, 250m

Raman parameters

Instrument settings: Raman spectrograph HE 532nm (Horiba Jobin-Yvon)
Spectral resolution: 2 cm-1
Conditions of measurement: at room temperature

Interpretation of Raman spectrum of Aragonite

The characteristic Raman band due to the external vibration mode (M-CO3) at 250 cm-1, and the ν1 internal mode (symmetric stretching) at 1083 cm-1 are easily distinguished. In the Raman spectrum of the aragonite sample don’t have values below 200 cm-1 because the spectral range is between 200-3400 cm-1.

In case of aragonite only four bands out of the 30 predicted Raman-active modes (Urmos et al., 1991) were detected in the Raman spectra of the aragonite sample no. 5473. This spectrum is governed by the very strong Raman line (1083 cm-1) atributed to the ν1 symmetric stretching mode of the carbonate group. The ν4 mode of CO3 has values at 701 cm-1. The ν2 vibration mode is not observed in this study; ν3 vibration are observed at 1461 and 1573 cm-1.

The frequencies of all Raman bands observed in Aragonite, Strontianite and Witherite can be corelated with the atomic masses of the cations (Buzgar and Apopei, 2009).

Buzgar and Apopei, 2009 Urmos, 1991 Krishnamurti, 1960 Assignment
250 284 285 T(Ca,CO3)
701 701
ν4 symmetric deformation
NO 853 854 ν2 asymmetric deformation
1083 1085 1086 ν1 symmetric stretch
ν3 asymmetric stretching
1547 NA
NO 2165 1

NO = not observed; NA = not assigned.

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